Imelda loves Ignatz

  • $ 115.00

These Victoria perfume buttons will now be worn and enjoyed once again, this time as unique, light weight earrings! 

Victorian perfumes were oil based, burning the skin and staining clothes, so perfume buttons were used to hold the scent by dabbing perfume on the button's velvet center. It was not uncommon to have over 100 buttons per garment!!!! These buttons also classify as “twinkle buttons”: pierced brass collar over a thin sheet of foil causing the foil to “twinkle” in the light!

Often perfume buttons served as love tokens being sewn under the collar of your traveling beau!!

Earring length: 1 3/8 inches 

button measures 1/2 inch

gold filled wires

Imelda and Ignatz Dunstedter married in 1882. Ignatz traveled often for work always wearing a perfume button discreetly sewn under his left collar. Imelda’s signature scent was lavender, giving Ignatz both fond memories and a calming energy.