Lizzie LaLune

  • $ 115.00

Antique French pressed pewter button with original hand faceted crescent moon and hand etched stars now adorns a vintage NOS (new old stock) circa 1990 rhodium self closing choker to create this great one of a kind necklace! At Harp Strings we always preserve the button's shank by using open back settings. 

Victorian symbolism:

Crescent moon = femininity

stars=spiritual guidance

The wire choker wears like a 16 1/4 inch chain

The button pendant measures 1 1/4 inches with an additional drop of same

#tellyourownstory Elizabeth Marie LaLune, Lizzie, was a famous astrology teacher at the University of Paris 1811 to 1821. She held class from midnight until 2 am.  Students were required to attend class with a blanket, gold and silver ink pens and a picnic basket to share.