Tussie Mussie

  • $ 135.00

This French antique high relief stamped brass floral tussie mussie button with all original 19 hand faceted cut steel points now adorns vintage, new old stock metal beads to create a wonderful one of a kind necklace!

At Harp Strings we always preserve the button shanks by using open back settings( picture 6)

The necklace measures 18 inches with toggle clasp

The button pendant has an additional drop of 2 inches. 

#tellanewstory  Thelma Odell, interior designer of the year 1863, 64 and 1870, is credited with popularizing the term 'tussie mussie' in the United States. The term is of French origin meaning a small mixed bouquet. Thelma fell in love with the French tradition of placing such arrangements, usually picked from the roadside, in various antique containers throughout her home.