Amazing Amelia Antique Mourning Button Necklace

  • $ 152.00

This amazing antique high relief mourning button now adorns a gold plated chain to create this one of a kind necklace.

The button is decorated with an urn, complete with swan handles in between two flaming torches which symbolizes eternal life. The button’s edge is a wreath of forget me nots.

The decorative link chain measures 20 inches and is finished with an oversized vintage spring clasp.

The button pendant has an additional drop of one inch.

#tellanewstory Amelia Anne Duntsteder was the first female photographer in Natchez, Mississippi. She was driven to capture and preserve evidence of the Ouachita Indian tribe. Her photographs were imprinted with twin flaming torches to symbolize eternal life. To this day her works provide invaluable glimpses of these amazing people.