Lucky Horseshoes April 16, 2016 09:33

UP or DOWN....where do you stand?

The Ancient Paisley January 10, 2016 19:35

The paisley pattern has a long history! The pattern is believed to have originated in Babylon and is the growing shoot of the palm date tree. In ancient times the palm tree was considered the tree of life as it was the source for many things including: food, wine, wood, thatch and paper. The pattern is also thought to represent life and eternity.

In the early 1800's the town of Paisley, Scotland became well known for their woven shawls boosting the ancient pattern. The shawls and pattern were both referred to as 'Paisleys'. Victorians were the first to replicate the paisley on to buttons.


Victorian Picture Buttons: Read any good books lately? June 28, 2015 08:43

Picture buttons were all the rage between 1870-1900. They were thought of more as a statement than a way to close your clothes! Scenes from the most popular stories, fables, theater and mythology were reproduced on buttons. These buttons became wonderful conversation starters as the wearer was letting you know their likes and interests without saying a word.....another example of Victorian silent language!


Puck Sprite from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream

Fanny Davenport with parasol and apple-named for English actress active 1870-1898

The Little Charmer

The Trumpeter of Sackingen

The Victorian Language of Fans June 02, 2015 09:20

Fans are such a predominant feature in Victorian symbolism.....want to know why? The fan was a necessary tool to combat both heat and insects, so abundantly found, making it the perfect tool for wordless communication. Victorian women were actually taught the proper use of the fan to get their message across.

Here are some traditional meanings of 'Fan Language':

A fan place close to your heart : "You have won my love."

A fan pressed to your lips : "You may kiss me.

Eyes shaded with a fan: "I love you

A fan resting on your right cheek: answers "yes"

A fan resting on your left cheek: answers "no"

To fan slowly: "I am Married"

The anchor was a popular Victorian symbol for Hope May 09, 2015 23:13


During the Victorian Era symbolism was used in everyday objects like buttons. The anchor being a favorite of many as a sign of Hope. It was often paired with a heart and cross to represent Faith, Hope and Love. At Harp Strings we "HOPE" you will join us in our mission to 'rethink the button'.

Repurpose March 31, 2015 15:42

A popular buzzword......Repurpose. When trying to think of one word to describe the purpose of Harp Strings we kept coming back to the word REPURPOSE!

It's really that simple. We have a desire to repurpose forgotten treasures in to amazing pieces of jewelry to be reworn and reloved!

Here are some pictures of our latest rescue. Vintage pin back buttons reworked in to one of a kind charm bracelets.